At this time of year families are packing all they need to survive away from home for a short period, catching trains or planes, taking their cars or getting out and about in some way or other so as to relax from the normal turns of life.
Relaxation comes in many different guises, some throw themselves into physically exhausting activity refreshing the mind, some lie on the beach relaxing the body. Each of us would want to relax and refresh in different ways.

As a teen I joined an interestingly mixed bunch of folk commonly desiring to talk about God with children and their families. One of the games we played later on in the mission was Spot The Team. We would disguise ourselves as best we could, wander the local area and wait to be ‘spotted’ by intrepid adventures searching for Team Members they had come to know.

One year I dressed as a Punk Rocker, maybe overdid it by dyeing my entire body blue too… Another time I donned a long haired wig, dressed in a skirt and wandered un-noticed till the game was over.

My final year though I dressed as a gnome, took my bamboo fishing rod and perched on top of a red postbox, my fishing line dangling down the nearest street drain.

I am rather pleased that the post box was not  designed thus…


It rain etch!

I titled this blog, It Raineth! Auto Correction changed this rather boring title appertaining to English Weather to “It rain etch!” and I wonder what I could possibly say to justify such a title.

One of my hobbies is to etch designs onto glass, I started with the humble jam jar being of disposable nature. I did try collecting them for a while, but as the wife points out, 20 plus jam jars just sitting there in the kitchen take up a lot of valuable space. So many artistic squiggles have been sent for re-cycling.

Next I moved onto glasses, tumblers – not specs. The other day whilst doing a deeper tidy than normal I came across some of my original glassware stashed away in boxes. Over the years I must have given away near to 100 glasses, and a few happy evenings with friends introducing them to such an art. With the whizzing whirly pointy thing though sounding suspiciously like a dentist drill, not much room for conversation – I wonder too if sound association had much to do with their lack of future interest?

So to wrap up this rather shaggy blog.
When inclement weather reigns, reaching for my tools, I say in that very basic and guteral language, “It rain, etch!

Praise God for different gifts he gives to each one of us, I certainly thank God for mine.


De-stressing life, under canvas.
De-stressing life, under canvas.

I don’t get to do camping so much nowadays, way back though I could easily spend 40 nights under canvas a year, or on the rare occassion of such weather as now, I would just lie down under the stars.

Camping is a welcome release from the complicatedness we have made current living, even more so if you leave behind the mobile phone, mini computer and other games, contacting, entertainment gadgetry. My favourite camping was always with the least kit, not even a watch – spending maybe a week roaming, cooking, swimming, sleeping, reading and praying well away from any organised campsite, maybe by a stream/river, near good climbing hills and with plenty of natural fuel around for a campfire.

Easter Saturday, a day of mourning.

Easter Saturday, a day of mourning.
I find it very difficuilt each year to re-enact the happennings of Holy Week, probably because I already know the outcome.
Strange as I enjoy re-watching films, the same waves of emotion covering me repeatedly, but this greatest story for mankind, just so hard. I look forward however to the celebration on Sunday morning the anniversarry of Jesus resurection.


Involved in a voluntary organisation from soon after it began, we are now ready to grow, get more folk involved in the admin etc. Giving one day a week, it has got to the point of either working in the warehouse, or driving the van, involved with the people – both of which equally important and necessary. A huge chunk of me screams in a resentful way, “How will I let go of of that particular tasks? It’s mine!”

Will I look at the person who takes on part of my responsibility either envious they do it better than me, or annoyed they go wrong or approach differently?

Lord, help me to release your work back to you.

Check your answerphone

No, don’t check your answerphone for new messages, I suggest you check instead your message to callers.

From the shop today I rang a publisher  “Thank for calling the offices of LoverlyBook Publications. Our offices are closed for the Christmas Holidays and we will re-open January 6th.”

It being the 8th today I wondered if they were extending their vacation, or have just not switched back to the normal message.

I recently had a new phone, Samsung, great fun playing with various possibilities for ring tones. The phone also records voice messages, but you cannot set these recordings as ring tones. Got over this by using Sound Recorder on Vista (XP worked too) which defaults to WMA file, downloaded to the phone this can be used as a personalised ring tone – or annoying ring tone that says “Ring Ring, Answer the phone…” I must remember to switch back to something normal. Any of you recorded your own ringtones?

Describe your Faith – or Live your Faith?

Fortunately I did not

make it to London this morning;

it would appear when I phoned my appologies through I am not expected for another week. How hillarious if I had made it all the way down… – or would I have thought so.

Have re-booked my FunFare tickets, will be in The Big Smoke in a week.

Well, after lastnights highjinks trying to get me online on the main PC one good thing happenned. My LapTop has gone back to functioning WiFi, no idea what settings changed to make that work. Still, PRAISE GOD, something works.

We are midst Alpha, last weekend had the Holy Spirit W/e – we had a day away… Can’t quite get to grips with Alpha, good it’s about God and not me – lol